Prevent small business fraud and protect your business.

Avoid the Small Business Marketing Scams that Cost Companies Millions

Small businesses are a tempting target for scammers. By nature, small business owners and entrepreneurs are often pressed for time and many lack the resources to thoroughly investigate or fight fraud. Just how great is the risk? According to the Federal Trade Commission, marketplace scams were responsible for¬†depleting the U.S. economy of over 1.4 billion […]


SMBs Spend $6,800 a Year on Online Ads – But Where?

Only a third of small to mid-sized businesses buy online ads, spending an average of $6,800 of their annual marketing budget on banner ads, PPC (paid search) and paid social advertising. Which platforms and ad types are they choosing to invest in? SCORE, a nonprofit organization that helps small businesses launch and grow, has released […]

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