Bing Product Ads: Here’s How to Get Started

Bing Product Ads

If you’ve been hoping for an ad format similar to Google Product Listing Ads on the Bing/Yahoo ad network, this news should make you happy. Bing Ads has just launched Product Ads, their version of enriched e-commerce ads, for US advertisers.

With the launch of the new ad format, Bing released a number of helpful resources to guide marketers in setting up their PAs. To get started, you need to complete 3 steps:

  • Create a Bing Merchant Center store
  • Set up a catalog
  • Create Product Ad campaigns

1. Create a Bing Merchant Center Store:

First, you need to claim your business in Bing Webmaster Tools and add your site. There are three options for site verification: an XML file placed on your server, a meta tag in your website, or adding a CNAME record to your DNS. After verifying your billing address, you’re prompted to either create a new store or use an existing one. See more in the video below:

2. Set Up a Catalog

Prepare your product feed in .txt, .txt within a compressed file or .xml (Google-formatted) format by making sure it’s accurate and contains all of the recommended information. Sign in to Bing, choose your Active store, and either upload the file from your computer, download from a URL, or upload via FTP.  See more:

3. Create Product Ad Campaigns

Within Bing Ads, choose “Campaigns,” then “Product Ads Campaign” from the drop-down menu. Choose your language and budget settings, then create a Product Extension to tell Bing which products to link to the campaign. Add your ad copy, which will appear when a viewer hovers over your Product Ad.  See more:

For more information on each of the above steps, see Bing’s product page for these ads. If you need to delete or edit an existing Product Ad, you can see the step-by-step instructions from Bing here.

That’s it! Are you going to give Bing Product ads a try?

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