89% of Consumers Use Mobile Each Week, But Spend 3x Longer Watching TV

Which devices should you be targeting to reach your target market with the greatest frequency? Despite the meteoric rise of mobile, consumers still spend more than three times as much time watching television each week as using mobile devices, according to Experian.

Their digital benchmark report, now in its sixth year, offers insight into a wide variety of online marketing considerations, just one of which is the reach of specific devices. Today, 89% of US consumers use their mobile phone at least weekly, according to their research, with 68% reporting they use their mobile phone every day. eReaders and digital tablets are reported separately, with 10% and 15% daily use, respectively.

Device Reach insights for SMB marketers

Television, however, wins out not only in weekly usage with 97% of survey respondents reporting they tune in to their TV each week, but also in time spent watching TV. Consumers spend about 7 hours and 50 minutes each week using their mobile phones, but on average, spend more than three times that watching TV. Nearly one in six US adults indicated they watch more than 40 hours of television per week.

Even so, mobile marketing has secured its place in marketers’ hearts and minds, thanks to the wealth of data available and the precise targeting possibilities.

Perhaps surprisingly, almost 70% of respondents said they still read both print magazines and print newspapers each week.

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