SMBs Spend $6,800 a Year on Online Ads – But Where?

Only a third of small to mid-sized businesses buy online ads, spending an average of $6,800 of their annual marketing budget on banner ads, PPC (paid search) and paid social advertising. Which platforms and ad types are they choosing to invest in?

SCORE, a nonprofit organization that helps small businesses launch and grow, has released an infographic illustrating findings from their recent study into SMB online advertising spend, performance and audience insights.

Among them:

  • Investment in social media ads has increased from $3.8 billion in 2011 to $5.9 billion in 2013. This amount is projected to increase to $9.8 billion in 2016.
  • Facebook delivers 25% of the ads on the internet.
  • Clicks on Facebook ads are up 29% and revenue per click is up 176% from 2012 to 2013.
  • A typical person sees 1,700 banner ads per month, but clicks just 0.1% of the time.

See the full infographic here, or download a copy from SCORE:

How SMBs Use Online Advertising Infographic

SCORE is supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration and offers a volunteer mentor program, pairing entrepreneurs and small business owners with mentors across 62 industries. Headquartered in Virginia, they have 320 chapters that host events and workshops across the states, largely powered by their network of over 11,000 volunteers.

Their programs are worth looking into if you’re seeking guidance, in-person business counselling or a mentor to help you build your business – visit the SCORE site to learn more.

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