SMBs Spend $6,800 a Year on Online Ads – But Where?

Only a third of small to mid-sized businesses buy online ads, spending an average of $6,800 of their annual marketing budget on banner ads, PPC (paid search) and paid social advertising. Which platforms and ad types are they choosing to invest in?

SCORE, a nonprofit organization that helps small businesses launch and grow, has released an infographic illustrating findings from their recent study into SMB online advertising spend, performance and audience insights.

Among them: [Read more...]

Periodic Table of Content Marketing: The Science Behind the Magic

Back when Danny Sullivan released his Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors, I thought, isn’t that a great way of visualizing the many ranking factors or signals marketers need to keep in mind? You’ve all seen a thousand infographics that say a lot without saying anything at all, so when a truly useful one comes along, we all appreciate it.

It was only a matter of time before something similar for content marketers hit the scene. While it might seem there’s black magic at work and one (especially a small business owner) can’t possibly keep up with the dozens of factors that go into a great piece of content, there is a science to it.

Chris Lake, Director of Content at Econsultancy, released his content marketing periodic table last week. While he acknowledges it is a work in progress, it’s a great framework for those trying to grasp exactly what it is that makes a piece of content irresistible to consumers.   Click the table below to enlarge it. [Read more...]

How Big Brands Use Color to Trigger Consumer Emotion

How important is the color of your logo? You might have heard of the psychology behind color in marketing – does the color red really make people hungry? Why did McDonald’s choose yellow for their iconic arches?

Companies don’t just end up with certain colors representing their brand. Tiffany & Co. and BlackBerry both chose black for their logos, but why? The color black is associated with formality and the mystery of darkness and night. A logo in this color is designed to portray to consumers boldness, luxury and seriousness. Then there’s Starbucks green logo; how is that supposed to make consumers feel and why was it their top choice? Green is reminiscent of the harmony of nature and makes people feel calm, relaxed, trust, peace and hope. [Read more...]