How Seriously Do SMBs Take Online Reviews? [Survey]

Just 50% of SMBs believe it’s important for their business to receive positive online reviews , while 23% say they are either unimportant, or very unimportant, according to a new survey conducted by marketing automation platform Yodle. This is in spite of the fact that 90% of consumers say their purchasing decisions are influenced by online reviews.

As to which review sites matter most to SMBs, Yelp actually ranked fairly low, with only 24% of respondents indicating they cared about getting positive reviews there. Facebook was far more impactful, yet only 43% care about getting positive reviews on the world’s largest social network.

SMB Online Reviews - which websites matter most?

When asked whether they care about negative online reviews, 78% of SMBs said yes, while 22% aren’t bothered. This may be explained, in part, by the fact that not all businesses earn online reviews; in fact, the majority (55%) don’t receive any at all. [Read more...]