54% of Consumers Will Leave You Over Lack of Relevant Content

State_of_Content_retail_reportFifty-four percent of consumers say they will consider leaving a relationship with a retailer if they don’t have tailor-made, relevant content delivered directly to them, according to the new State of Content Marketing: Retail report from Contently.

Aspirational brand stories drive long-term success more in retail than in any other industry, they say, making creative and original brand storytelling mission critical for retailers. Smart retailers have to look past pushing conversions; mobile apps packed with sales copy simply drive higher abandonment rates.

What’s a retailer to do in the age of spoon-feeding consumers information and potentially blowing the budget on relevant content? Try these quick tips from Contently: [Read more...]

3 Content Marketing Measurement Tips: Moving Beyond Pageviews

Herbert LuiContent marketers need to stop chasing pageviews, says Herbert Lui from Wonder Shuttle. The number of people who view a piece of content has never been a perfect measure of its value or success, but in lieu of other metrics, we’ve given pageviews far more credit than they deserve. This is underscored by the tens and even hundreds of millions of pageviews that linkbait content sites like Viral Nova and Upworthy are generating, he writes in this post at The Content Strategist blog.

If you’re not chasing pageviews though, how do you measure the success of your content? This is especially challenging for small business marketers, who are far less likely to have advanced, cross-channel analytics in place to properly attribute each touch and more accurately calculate the true value of any given piece of content. [Read more...]

5 Paid Search Quick Tips for SMBs from WordStream CTO Larry Kim

These 5 quick tips on PPC for SMBs come from tweets from attendees at Larry Kim’s “Hacking AdWords” presentation at SMX West. In his presentation, WordStream CTO Kim explains how Google AdWords calculates Quality Score, which impacts your CPCs, CPAs, ad position and more. He shares examples of winning ads and tips to help SMBs replicate their success. [Read more...]