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This site is a resource for small and mid-sized business owners looking for digestible, helpful online marketing tips and tactics to help grow their business. Whether you’re operating solely online, only in a brick and mortar store, or a combination of the two, your audience increasingly lives online. My goal is to help you reach them.

As we add new content, you’ll see the newest posts at the top of the homepage. You can also use the black menu at the top to choose the marketing channel most relevant to you during any visit. Each post is assigned to one of the following categories:

  • SMB Marketing Insights – Statistics, industry trends and benchmarks to help you understand industry norms and find opportunities for improvement.
  • Content Marketing  is a fantastic way to build brand awareness, nurture prospects and educate your target market – we’ll show you how.
  • Email Marketing is more important than ever, as 91% of consumers check their email every day and marketers widely consider it one of their more successful channels. Learn how to improve your email strategy here.
  • Mobile Marketing is reaching epic proportions – 75% of consumers admit to bringing their mobile devices to the bathroom with them. Enough said. You need to be there and we’ll show you how to do so successfully.
  • PPC or Paid Search has grown and improved by leaps and bounds in the last five years. We’ll help you maximize your investment in Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and other online advertising platforms.
  • Search Marketing & SEO help get your site in front of the people searching for information about your product, service or brand – and there are a lot of them; over 1 billion search queries happen each day on Google alone!
  • Social Media has long outgrown “It’s just a fad;” in fact, it’s where your customers and prospects are hanging out, sharing information, looking for recommendations and more. We’ll help you be there intelligently and productively.

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